Ancient Olympics Comic

The Ancient Olympics Comic (Hard-copy format)

Olympic history in comicBuy the Ancient Olympics Comic ( Hard-copy) at the special discounted price of 9.99€ . Eighty six pages of a colored Olympic Games educational comic that will give you a wealth of history and ancient Olympic facts through the fascinating story of Lydia and Kallias (87th Olympiad of the year 432 BC).


The Ancient Olympics Comic bulk order offers

The hard-copy format of the the Ancient Olympics Comic is also offered on discount pricing for bulk orders of minimum 10 pieces! For verified educational institutions an extra discount of 10% is offered in which case you will be asked to send us documentation to verify your claim. We reserve the right to determine if according to the documents you send you fall into our definition of a “verified educational institution". If you are eligible for the extra 10% for verified educational institutions then we will send you a coupon code to use during checkout.

Special offers for bulk orders are as follows:


  • Order 10-19 copies of the Ancient Olympics Comic at 10% discount. 


  • Order 20-29  copies of the Ancient Olympics Comic at 20% discount.


  • Order above 30  copies of the Ancient Olympics Comic at 30% discount.



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