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A comic about ancient Greek Olympics!

Learn about the ancient Greek Olympics in a fascinating way. Attend the 87th ancient Greek Olympics (432BC) with this fascinating comic. Learn about the history of the ancient Greek Olympics while having fan reading a comic. Ancient Greece for kids and grown ups has never been more fan.


Ancient Greek Olympics Relived

The comic gives the reader the chance to relive as a real spectator the ancient Greek Olympics ..... It offers a number of historical and social information which is obtained from historical articles and surveys!


One of the best Olympic Games books

Let me boldly say that if you asked me now shortly which is the best book released  about the ancient Olympic Games, Ι would say that this is the ancient Greek Olympics Comic.


Historically Accurate with timeless messages

An exciting adventure in ancient Olympia with panhuman timeless messages and a subject that gains popularity overtime  .... reveals to the reader the political and social environment of the ancient Greek Olympics era based on historical documented reports.

Ancient Greek Olympics Comic - Synopsis Featured

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The very interesting and tender story of Lydia and Kallias gives us the opportunity to attend the 87th ancient Greek Olympics (Olympiad) of the year 432 b.C. We 'll be guided through Elis, the city which organized the ancient Greek Olympics, and through the sacred grove of Olympia, with its famous buildings (the Temples of Hera and Zeus, the Treasuries, the Prytaneion, the Pelopion, the Bouleuterion). We 'll learn all about the history of ancient Greek Olympics and we 'll participate in the religious ceremonies and cultural events which took place parallel to the athletic contests. We 'll talk to Phidias, Socrates and Euripides and we 'll get a better understanding of the Olympic Spirit which was born in ancient Greece.

Watch the video spot (Greek and English subtitles) below accompanied by the "Harmony 2004" Olympic theme to get a glimpse of what is included in the ancient Greek Olympics Comic.



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